Something about Coffee Urn

If you are hosting a party, and you need to serve much coffee, then you have to use a coffee urn.

This is a large receptacle and a coffee maker that has the capability of making large batches of coffee. By using this, you will no longer need to remake and make pots of coffee.

It maintains the hotness of the coffee, however, it does not burn it, and therefore the coffee can be made few hours before any event.

There are many sizes of an urn. There are small, medium and large. Small sizes can heat up 10-20 cups of coffee. They can be purchase easily and they are inexpensive.

They can be used for office or home use. Other small sizes can brew 30 cups of coffee.


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For medium sizes, they can brew 50-70 cups of coffee and 100 cups for large ones. Usually, these sizes are used by restaurants and catering businesses.

They are not suited well for home and office use since they are very big. In such case, they can occupy much space.

Originally, coffee urn is in the form of a traditional spout. During the seventeenth century, a new form was developed. A tap was created so that it will be fixed to the belly. This allows the tea from leaking.

Moreover, in this period, new materials were used to make an urn. Aside from silver, pewter, brass and lacquered tins, porcelain was also used.

Eighteenth century comes and more changes were made to the urn. New shapes were created. Before, the only shape that was known is the pear-shaped. However, during this age, vase form becomes popular.

This form was the leading style on Europe until the king of that country died in 1715.

For the present century, many forms have come into existence. However, they all work in the same manner. As the hot water is poured into them, they percolate it. The bubbles of the water are pushed to the pump stem.

As they flow down to the bottom, they are slowly distributed over the cover.

Afterwards, they are filtered into the grounds of the basket. This prevents the ground from splattering. This process continues until the coffee becomes stronger and at the same, hot.

There are many features by a coffee urn. These include the freshness indicator light, adjustable thermostat, level indicator, non drip spigot and indicator light for serving.

Freshness indicator light is used to monitor if the coffee is still good and if can still be served. You need to use this so that you will not need to taste the coffee if it is still fresh or not.

The other features are used so that the urn can function well. They all contribute in the success of the work. Without one or two feature, the urn cannot do its function properly.

Thus, it is important that all these features should be present.

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