Coffee Shop Promotion -is this about those 1-for-1 deals?

This is a sub-set of marketing, and you would get it with marketing. But, the promotion focuses on what pushing in of the customers to your coffee shop.

Why do you need to know about this?

You probably know the power of regular customers, the sales that they bring and the referral that they do.

The promotion that our marketing package does centers on this.

How much does it cost?

Coming out with the marketing package take about 5 working days and 2 person to be doing it full time. We are charging $10 per hour based on 8 hours work day.

so, it would be $10 X 8 X 5 = S$800.00

PS: Promotion is part of the marketing package, so with this amount, you would also be getting the leads generation element as well.

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