Coffee sample is another way to chalk out some savings

What a wonderful invention it is to receive a coffee sample in the mail. If the sample is some branded coffee, so much the better. We all want stuff for free.

Free coffee is as desirable as any other free beverage give away. So how does one get ones hands on free coffee?

If we are not fussy. We will gladly accept coffee beans, ground coffee, flavoured coffee, even green coffee beans. As long as they come in the mail and are for free.

“You never get nothin for nothin” is an old adage that is as true today as it was one hundred years ago. Whilst you might not pay money for the coffee sample you receive in the mail, it is given in exchange for something. That something usually is information.


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Information about you the recipient of the coffee sample. Many companies would offer free coffee in return for your email and or postal address. The purpose of this exercise is to build up a data base of addresses of persons at whom marketing material can be directed.

That one fits the market profile is corroborated by the fact the one registered for the free sample in the first place. Surely I would not register for a free sample of Brussel sprouts if I did not have at least a passing interest in Brussel sprouts.

The same principle applies to the free coffee received in the mail. The interesting question arises; are there enough online websites that one can register at to meet your coffee needs?


Can one supply one’s email address to so many websites as to receive a multitude of free coffee? Surely this is not good for the coffee business.

If they only dispatched green coffee beans then one would understand the businesses hope for a rise in the sale of domestic coffee roasters as a spin off. But then again the beans cost money as well.

The other question that needs to be asked is how big are the samples? Are we talking about a few grams? Enough to make one cup of espresso? Enough for one pot of filter coffee?

No company is going to hand out samples in such volumes as to seriously threaten its own profitability. But surely money can be saved by collecting these online coffee samples. If one submits as many email addresses as one obtain for free on the web, perhaps a significant saving can be made. Who knows?


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