Coffee Reviews Just For Your Non-Espresso Coffee Maker

There are many professionals and coffee aficionados out there writing coffee reviews about everything related to coffee --- whether this particular coffee maker is worth your money, whether this particular roasted blend of coffee beans tastes good, and whether that particular Italian coffee blend tastes better.

Have you ever wondered what coffee maker they are using, if they have failed to specify what they used in their reviews?

Should you use your favorite blend with a French Press, or would an automatic drip coffee maker suffice? Or one of the coffee reviews recommended a particular blend for its aromatic and full-bodied flavor, but why didn’t you end up with the same result at home?

This article tackles on the three most popular kinds of non-espresso coffee machines. Believe it or not, the automatic drip coffee maker isn’t the end-all and best choice for all circumstances.


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However, before we proceed, there is a matter that needs to be pointed out first, and this relates to an essential tool in making coffee, the coffee grinder.

The Coffee Grinder

A good quality coffee grinder is absolutely essential to get a great cup of coffee, whether it’s espresso or non-espresso. Even with coffee makers that have built-in grinders, getting a good quality grinder will outperform and help you get the best cup of coffee possible.

Among all the types of grinders available, the best grinders are conical burr grinders due to the fact that these grind coffee beans consistently and evenly, no matter what grind size is needed.

If you plan on grinding your own coffee beans, I recommend that you look up on the numerous conical burr grinder reviews that can be found in every coffee review site.

While it is true that the importance of grinders are often overlooked by many coffee lovers, investing in a good grinder is as essential as getting a good blend of beans and a good coffee maker.

Single Serve Coffee Makers coffee reviews

Unsurpassed in convenience, single serve coffee makers, especially those that make use of coffee pods, T-Discs, and K-Cups, are the easiest to use.

This is due to the fact that coffee pods, T-Discs, and K Cups are pre-packaged coffee grounds that come with their own filter. Just insert the appropriate pack into the machine, whether it’s a Senseo, Tassimo, or Keurig coffee maker, and just press the brew button.

These machines make great cups of coffee consistently since each pack of coffee grounds are already pre-measured to make one cup.

On that note, when using these single serve coffee makers, there is no need for a coffee grinder at all. However, if you’re very particular about the freshness of your coffee, you may not want to use these single serve machines.

To get the freshest coffee, you must grind the appropriate amount of coffee prior to brewing, and since coffee pods, T-Discs, and K Cups already contain pre-measured and pre-ground coffee, you won’t be getting the freshest coffee possible.

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers coffee reviews

If you love to consume coffee in large quantities and if you’re brewing coffee for a group of people, the automatic drip coffee maker will serve your needs well. These machines usually brew around 6-12 cups of coffee in around 4 minutes or more.

However, before buying an automatic drip coffee maker, always check the specifications of the machine and make sure that it heats up water up to the optimal brewing temperature, which is from 195°F to 205°F, just below boiling point.

The problem with automatic drip coffee makers is that if you only want to brew one or two cups of coffee, these machines aren’t ideal to use. While there are some automatic drip coffee makers that have a 1 to 4 cup feature, most automatic drip coffee makers aren’t able to bring the water up to the ideal temperature and brew coffee in the ideal time for 1 or 2 cups. Therefore, the end result is under-extracted or weak coffee.

French Press, Plunger, or Press Pot coffee reviews

The French Press, plunger, or press pot is the ideal coffee maker to use when brewing only a few cups at a time. Unlike the single serve and automatic drip coffee makers, the French Press is a manual coffee maker.

What this means is that you do all the tasks to brew coffee. This includes grinding, heating up the water, transferring the grounds into the French Press, pouring the hot water over the grounds, allowing the hot water to extract the flavor, oils, and essences of the coffee, and pushing the plunger down to separate the used grounds from the coffee. In other words, you have complete control over the brewing process.

When properly used, the French Press can produce the freshest and best tasting coffee that you can make at home. Also, having a good grinder is essential when using the French Press.

Don’t let this intimidate you, since using the French Press is relatively simple and easy. While it does require a bit of trial and error at the start, once you get used to the process, you will start to make great tasting cups coffee.

In fact, many coffee aficionados swear by the French Press since a low-cost French Press can make a better tasting cup than an expensive automatic drip coffee maker. They would not even bother reading any coffee reviews, which means most likely they would not be reading this...


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