My Thoughts On Best Coffee Recipes

The most primitive and well-known coffee recipes to mankind is coffee combined with milk. During this time, people get bored of consuming coffee with hot water or consuming plain milk.

And one day, they decided to combine coffee with milk and this becomes the best recipe.

After milk, the chocolate came and after chocolate the flavorings came, then syrup and the liqueur as well.

These days, when it comes to coffee recipe, people look for coffee artists or baristas.

Baristas are expert and qualified maker of coffee in a specialty coffee shops or coffee houses.


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The responsibility of a barista is to have sufficient knowledge of the whole process of coffee to successfully contribute to the coffee projected end result which approximately always includes caffeine and many other tasty elements.

The knowledge of a barista includes the exact operation, preservation and programming of the coffee machine, tamping and grinding procedures, water temperature and quality, extraction times, micro milk frothing, latte art, free pouring, drying methods, correct storage, roasting, coffee plant cultivation, recycling of the coffee and packaging used and renewable methods of disposal.

In addition, the milk and coffee undertake slight chemical changes stimulated by time, pressure and temperature efficiently extracting the chemicals caffeine and fat from the milk and coffee correspondingly, which is the reason why coffee keeps us alert and the reason why hot milk tastes sweet.

The baristas are definitely very effective in doing the best coffee recipe, I also have few thoughts on the few hundred recipes.

One is that if you add so many different stuffs into the coffee, can you still taste the coffee?

Actually, if you put in too much flavorings or seasoning in the coffee, definitely the taste is altered and there are only two intended result.

The first one is that the coffee might taste very good because of the additional stuffs added to it.

On the other hand, the added stuffs to the coffee might change the flavor and tastes of coffee, making it to no longer taste the caffeine in the coffee.

The second thoughts would be depending on your taste preference since only you can tell what coffee you wish to drinks.

In fact, people in Mongolia added salt into their tea and coffee and to them, it is a good coffee.

So obviously the best coffee recipes can only come from you. If you think the best recipe for you is by adding ice to come up with iced coffee or adding a few flavor to produce flavored coffee, then that would be best since you prepare it and you believed that this coffee recipe have a good taste.

But if you want a bit more classy and tasteful coffee, you may try using espresso recipes to come up with espresso, latte and cappuccino, or may add brownie to produce coffee brownie.

These things are really meant to consider, since not all of us have the same taste and same preference when it comes to coffee flavor or coffee recipe itself.

Overall, coffee has to be neat to be good, if not why drink it anyway. And even if you want to look for concoction, it has to be something of your own and not others since you are itself the only barista who can create your own best coffee recipe.

Regardless of the recipes or if it is blue mountain or peruvian coffee you are using, you need an equipment to brew it, check out the link for an interesting one.


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