What Is A Good Coffee Making Machine?

It is believed that the very first coffee making machine was started in the early 1800 at Paris, France and the very first model was the first in a long line of percolators.

In the 1960 the coffee maker commerce started marketing their new model which is the automatic drip model close to what we use these days.

Our inclination for a certain coffee making machine is as unique as our inclination for a certain coffee. As with anything else, we stick to what we like and we will habitually go to great extents to find it.

Many coffee machine manufacturers today are designing and producing their own coffee machines. Some companies manufactured commercial coffee machines for business purposes while other companies produced coffee machines that are very useful for home use.


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A few of the coffee making machines are percolator, espresso maker, coffee maker, French press and single serve coffee maker.

The coffee percolator is a form of pot used to prepare coffee. The name comes from the word percolate which means to grounds a solvent to go through a permeable substance particularly for extracting a soluble ingredient.

And if we say espresso maker it is used to create the long-established Italian coffee brew called espresso. Most companies especially DeLonghi coffee industry manufactured a fully automatic coffee machine in producing espresso. coffee-making-machine
In addition, the espresso maker has drive mechanism which includes steam driven, piston driven, pump driven and air pump driven.

This drive mechanism determines the outcome of espresso produced whether they are full bodied, with thick crema or super tasty espresso.

Moreover, coffee makers, single serve coffee makers and French press are also considered as some of the most in demand coffee machines today.

The coffee makers are machines designed to prepare coffee without having to boil water in a separate pot.

While there are lots of special kinds of coffee makers using numerous different brewing philosophies, in the majority of common devices, coffee grounds are positioned in a metal or paper filter within a cone-shaped tool, which is set over a ceramic or glass coffee vessel.

Cold water is dispensed into a separate compartment, which is then heated up to the exact temperature, and directed into the cone-shaped tool. This is also referred to as automatic drip-brew.

For single person, the single serve coffee maker best fits for you since this coffee machine create a great cup of coffee at a time.

With single serve coffee maker, every cup of coffee is fresh, hot and you can select a different coffee every time.

The brewing time is much faster and less wasted coffee, making freshly brewed cup of coffee ready is just a second.

The French Press coffee maker is a simple coffee brewing machine. This machine has a lot of name such as coffee press, press pot, cafetière à piston or coffee plunger.

You put in the coffee grounds, hot water then press it down, wait for a few minutes then enjoy the coffee.

Despite of these varieties of coffee brewers, the good coffee making machine depends on the person usage profile and budget.

We covered quite a few types of coffee brewers, so is there one that you can use for your office? Have you considered the nespresso coffee machine for your office?


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