Coffee maker repair is worth the effort?

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Coffee maker repair sites are a dime a dozen and we would only say about how to repair but rather, it is worth repairing.

And before we proceed, do note that there are limitations to how much you can DIY. Doing it yourself for some espresso maker or single serve coffee maker is not only difficult, it might void your warranty as well, so do take note of it!

Other this limitations in repairing coffee maker, the cost is also one issue. For example, if the heating element is spoiled, replacing it would cost up to 50% of a new one. Which make it more worth the while getting a new one right?

So, you have limitations and even cost as issues when it comes to coffee maker repair, next is the steps involved, it is really worth your time, when some coffee makers can be purchased as little as $20?

The time taken for a coffee maker repair varies from person to person, but personally to restore a coffee maker to operational mode takes at least 2 hours. You go with the visual check first. Check on the electric cords, switches, timers, fuses, thermostats and heating elements to see if there are any damages components.


If there are some damages that are visible visually, get it replaced or repair it. If there is none, but the coffee maker is still down. Then you would have to disassemble to test it. Some basic tools that you would need are screwdrivers, wrenches and multi-meter.

What I am highlighting here is for a drip coffee maker and if there are things that you cannot see visually then it would have to be the thermal fuse. So, this exercise is to test the thermal fuse in the heating element.

1. Unplug the unit from the electrical receptacle.

2. Remove the carafe and filter basket. Also remove the water reservoir lid

3. Turn the coffee maker over and remove the screws that secure the case. Remove the case.

4. Take a look at the control cavity and assess. If it is a a case of disconnected wire, debris etc. simple fix, reassemble and test. If it is not so, continue to the step 5.

5. Use a multi-meter to test the warming and heating elements, the switch, thermostats and timer.

6. For any parts that is defective, work out the costing and if it worth the while, replace it.

7. Reassemble the appliance and reinstall the carafe and basket.

8. Top up the water reservoir to 50%, then test it by turning on the coffee maker.

There you have it, 8 simple steps to coffee maker repair that cannot be solved with a visual inspection. And this is what I meant by time taken.

Personally, there are only 2 scenarios why people would bother to repair their coffee maker, one is sentimental value, second is a hobby, i.e. retirees that do it for fun. Otherwise, it is really so much easier and better to get a new one...

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