The Coffee Maker Part That Can Save You Money

This particular coffee maker part is the carafe. For most, if not all, of us, the carafe is the first part that breaks, especially if it is a glass carafe.

A well-maintained carafe allows us to brew coffee for at least 2 to 3 years. However, that is not the case, realistically speaking.

Glass carafes tend to break, and become worn out after continuous use. Once the carafe breaks, we are hard pressed to find a replacement one that is compatible with the coffee machine that we’re currently using.

Thankfully, there are replacement carafes available made by the different coffee maker manufacturers for their respective coffee makers.


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However, if we can’t find an original replacement carafe for our coffee maker, is there a cheaper and better alternative to buying a brand new coffee maker just for this particular coffee maker part?

Before you consider buying a brand new coffee maker just for the carafe, consider buying the Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe. The Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe comes in 10 and 12 cup versions, and is compatible with 70 coffee makers. These include the following manufacturers:

• Bunn• Braun• Black and Decker• Krups• Mr. Coffee• Melitta• Hamilton Beach• Proctor Silex• GE• Norelco• Sunbeam

Therefore, before you buy a brand new coffee maker, check if the Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe is compatible with your current coffee maker.

The Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe has a heat-resistant rubber handle, and markings that indicate cup measurements. It also has a flip-top lid that has a hole in the middle, as well as a stylish silver lining that goes around the top of the carafe.

It has a reasonable price at just under $9, which is definitely cheaper than buying a brand new coffee maker. The best part is, once you switch to another coffee machine, you can keep the Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe as a spare, in case the carafe of your brand new coffee maker breaks.

The Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe receives praise from a lot of coffee review sites around the web since it comes out cheaper than other original replacement carafes.

In other words, it is truly a coffee maker part that saves you money. The Gemco Universal Replacement Carafe is a great low-cost solution and one of the cheapest and best coffee maker replacement parts out there.


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