I have a new friend that I can enjoyed a cuppa with!

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If you think about it, writing about coffee makers has nothing to do with law or lawyers, but this is a page that I am writing is about a lawyer friend and his law firm.

His name is Lee Solomon and I just got to know him a couple of days back. I am writing this to highlight how friends can be make in this new era and of course how new business ties can be forged.

Solomon first saw my posts via my twitter account, then enter my coffee site and, make some purchase and then subsequently we communicate via email. The internet brought me a new friend which I otherwise would never have make!

I lived in Singapore, and Solomon in US. I am talking about coffee makers, while he practiced law, so we are two people in different country, different "market segment".


This is a friend whom I might or might not do business with in the future. But, knowing that I have one more friend that I can drink coffee in the US gives me joy.

To me, this is a very cool portion of a site, allowing you to connect to people all over the world. This, of course also shows you the power of marketing via the internet.

The current flavor of the month (at time of this writing 20-04-2009) is doom and gloom of the economy. No matter which news channel you turned to, it is about how bad the economy is doing.

Sure, if you are thinking within your own market, then no doubt it would be bad. But, a website gives you the power of multiplicity, you gain access to the world.

If 10 person from one country visits yous site, the whole world has about 100 odd countries, that would be 1000 over people coming to see and hear what you pitch about. (simple assumption, but my site got thousands of unique visitors daily, so this really works!)

And, you get to enjoyed coffee with friends from all over the world. Sometimes. life is much more than just making tons of money, isn't that so?:)

PS: So, how does one build a website and communicate to the whole world if one does not have any IT knowledge at all? I have absolutely no IT knowledge, my site is no "ebay" or "amazon", but it makes me some friends, and I get to talk to the world!:) This is the tools that I use...


Other Friends that I have met in my coffee journey

There is this fellow that has some of greatest deals about vacuum coffee maker, if you are interested in vacuum coffee maker, you should check it out.

This is a site about deals on Commercial Espresso Machines, the pricing are pretty reasonable.

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