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Have you ever asked yourself what is a coffee maker best value add? Which aspect of a coffee maker is the most important to you that you cannot live without? Personally, among all the promises of so many best coffee makers, my personal brewer must come with a programmable feature.

Oh, in case you are wondering if this is THE article to point you to a machine that is the is all, be all coffee brewer -it is not. I have expressed my thought in my best coffee makers article that there is no such thing as THE BEST COFFEE MAKER.

Every coffee maker has their value add and is suited to a certain group of folks. What we need to know instead is to know what we need, then identify the coffee maker best attribute and make sure that it matches.

That is all, it is that simple. I sometimes wonder why are there tons of reports with hundreds of pages all shouting coffee maker ratings and reviews when all we need is just a few liners to highlight the value add of the brewer.


And no matter what you are looking for, the coffee maker basically has one of these 2 values. Efficiency and speciality. You might a machine that has a a bit of both but I can safely share with you that no machine would have a complete set of both.

When we talk about efficiency, we are talking about good cost structure (cheap), easy to use, requiring very little foot prints or very easy to clean and maintain. Even within these few variables, usually the coffee maker best attribute would only be one of them.

And of course, the efficiency values is not limited to these few attributes, there are many more. So long as it makes coffee brewing a breeze, you can classified it under this heading.

For specialty, we are talking about quality, style, brand or standard. You would get this type of machine when you want to learn more about coffee, learn to brew better coffee and wanted something that can fit into the decor of your house.

If a coffee maker best attribute is that of a speciality, generally its cost structure is high. Thus, it is hard to find a machine that has both the speciality and efficiency value add in combination.

Personally, the value add that I am looking for is programmable feature, so it belongs to the efficiency category and since it is not in the speciality, the cost structure is not that high and usually I am able to find one that goes for less than a hundred dollars.

There you have it folks, my take on coffee maker best attribute, hope this helps you to better your coffee experience.


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