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Coffee folgers single serve is pretty unique and almost should not be in this site at all! It is because, it is not a coffee maker at all!

All solutions featured in this site, are related to a coffee maker, and folgers is the only one that does not have a brand identified brewer. It might or might not be working against them. Though, I must say that it is more towards the positive side.

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Firstly, it is precisely that folgers is without its own brand brewer that it has its best value add. Single serve coffee maker is convenient, easy to use and lower cost that the coffee shops' cuppa. However, it also has a major drawbacks, it is a closed system.

But for coffee folgers single, to enjoyed this brew, you can be using Mr Coffee, Black and Decker or Krups. And of course, when using the various brands of coffee maker, you have access to other pods as well.

Other than the ability to use a variety of pods on the many different coffee makers, the cost is also substantially lower. Among the 3 major segments of single serve coffee of pods, K-cups and T-disc, pods is the lowest in cost.

And then among the pods, coffee folgers single is among the lowest in cost, which starts from 18 cents.

Yes, I see you scratching your head, all these are great but seriously it does not improves our health any bit. It would be the next value that folgers bring to the table that attest to this point.

Folgers pods all in provides only 60 calories and 3 grams of fat for a single serve 7 oz serving. And we are using the cappuccino, a drink that is traditionally 2/3 dairy as the example. Can you imagine how little its long black?

The calories and fats are calculated to assist in folks with high body mass index so that without any exercise, your health would be in no way adversely affected by the drinking of folgers coffee.

Cheaper, more flexible and definitely a healthier choice, if those variables are what you are looking for in a cuppa, then coffee folgers single is that choice.

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