Why Are There Different Coffee Cup Size?

Why are there different coffee cup size? Why can’t we all serve coffee and espresso in a big coffee mug?

You may find it hard to believe, but the slightest difference in your coffee cup size has a significant impact on your coffee enjoyment.

In places, such as Europe and especially in Italy where espresso is very popular, people tend to drink in small coffee cups, which is around 4 to 5 ounces.

This is the ideal cup size when drinking strong coffee brew like espresso, and not just because it’s common sense to pour a 4 ounce drink into a 4.5 ounce cup.


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In fact, try drinking cappuccino from a 12 ounce coffee mug and try drinking it from a 6 ounce cup. You will notice that there is a significant difference in taste.

Cappuccino is not a homogeneous drink like brewed coffee, and the espresso will find it difficult to plunge through all that milk in a 12 ounce mug. It will taste more like hot coffee with a milk flavor instead of real cappuccino.

Coffee cups come in various shapes and sizes, and these differences pertain to the different kinds of coffee.

Coffee cups are usually made of different materials. There are glass, porcelain, and ceramic coffee cups. These materials do a good job of retaining heat, and can be beautifully decorated as well.

But coffee mugs are also made in stainless steel and plastic, and are more known as travel mugs. These travel mugs do a better job of retaining heat, and are more durable, making them ideal to take with you while you’re on the go.

Therefore, your choice on coffee cup size depends entirely on the type of coffee you prefer to drink and your lifestyle.

If your drink of choice is the gourmet coffee that you brew from an automatic drip coffee maker, then a coffee mug is for you. Your choice between a glass, porcelain, or ceramic coffee mug and a travel mug depends on your lifestyle, whether you prefer to drink at home or if you prefer to drink while you’re on the go.

If your drink of choice is a macchiato, then a clear, tall, glass macchiato cup is the ideal coffee cup for you so you can see the enticing layers before you consume it.

Ultimately, there’s a reason why coffee cups come in different sizes. Most people don’t seem to realize that the simple coffee cup has an influence on their coffee enjoyment.


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