Which Coffee Brew Is Good?

The only person who can answer this question, i.e good coffee brew is you, the reader. There are coffee gurus and experts who recommend different kinds of blends.

And they rate, compare, and say which blend is better that what. Some folks swear by Starbucks, while others absolutely hate Starbucks.

Some people prefer their coffee neat, while others take their coffee with sugar and creamer. This is because the taste profile of every person is different, thus each person has a personal preference.

There are so many coffee blends available and these are even roasted differently by various coffee roasters around the world, which is why only you can decide which coffee brew, blend and roast is the best for you.


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Basically, there are two kinds of coffee beans, which are most widely used. These are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is known for its stronger flavor, while Robusta is the less expensive of the two and it has higher caffeine content.

Arabica beans can be brewed, but it can also be blended with other types of coffee beans to create a unique flavor.

Furthermore, different coffee roasters produce different tastes in coffee blends. Different roasting processes cause the outer shell of the coffee beans to caramelize differently, thus producing a unique flavor.

Moreover, these roasters have unique recipes, in which they combine different kinds of coffee beans and the manner in which each kind of coffee beans is roasted before mixing.

This combination of blending different coffee beans, roasting each type of coffee beans differently, and the ratio in which they are mixed, create a unique flavor.

People who swear by Starbucks happen to like the signature blends of Starbucks. People who prefer Coffee Bean happen to like the signature blends of Coffee Bean.

These coffee franchises create their own signature blends to distinguish themselves from one another, and so their patrons cannot enjoy the same tasting coffee from other coffee franchises.

If you find that your office coffee tastes a lot better than the coffee that you brew at home, ask what type of coffee blend and roast is being used in your office coffee machines.

Try it with your coffee brewer at home, and from there, why not experiment with other coffee blends and roasts and see if you there’s one that tastes better.

Blindly chasing after fashionable blends is what some people do to find that perfect coffee, but it’s not good practice at all since there are so many coffee blends and roasts to choose from.

I personally recommend to all who brew coffee at home and those who own coffee makers to try out all the different blends and roasts that are readily available in your area.

Learn the subtle differences in taste, and then choose which ones are good, and which ones are not. By trying out different coffee blends and roasts, you can answer the question, “Which coffee brew is good?”


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