This Coffee Bean Roaster Is Dishwasher Friendly

The new model of coffee bean roster has come out and it is called alpenrost rotary drum coffee roaster.

This roaster has many benefits and features to offer to the user.

Alpenrost rotary drum coffee bean roaster is the only drum-style roaster available on the market because the common roaster that you can see in the market is all convective or heat roaster.

This roaster is said to have much slower roasting time when compared to air roasters.

It takes 20 minutes to roast the coffee beans well. However, despite the slow roasting time of this machine, it can give you a better roast for your espresso.

In addition, Alpenrost is far quieter than air roasters. It sounds like hair dryers. coffee-bean-roaster-alpenrost
This roaster has a stylish and elegant design. Its color is also good. The Alpenrost weighs about 15 pounds.

The primary advantage of this coffee bean roaster is that it can raost 8 oz at a time. It can supply you 9 cups which you can use for five days.

You can purchase this coffee bean roaster on online store like You can also try to add buying other accessories for your roaster.

You can buy them in a price that will surely suit your budget.

Here are the features of alpenrost rotary drum coffee roaster.
• Small enough for home usage. Because of its small size, you will be able to put them in your kitchen without taking too much space.
• It has 15 different roast setting. This will enable you to roast in different setting that you like.
• It can roast anything from 2 to 8 ounces of beans. It is tricky if you are going to roast coffee above this number.
• The best part is you can put inside dishwasher to wash. The parts are considered to be safe from dishwashers.
So, these are some advantage and features of Alpenrost coffee bean roaster.

You can see in here that the features can’t be found from other roasters. If you purchase this kind of roaster, you’ll surely have a great coffee to enjoy.

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