A clean coffee maker would save you the most money

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A clean coffee maker to many people is a hassle, everyone would dread the cleaning portion, but as I was preparing to write articles on where to find the cheapest coffee machine, the idea on the longevity of a coffee machine is one element.

The fact about many sites selling coffee makers these days is to "upgrade" you to the next better model, sort of similar to the Mac Donald's asking you to up size. So, the mental frame of many people is to keep looking for a coffee machine that is priced reasonably.

I do not know about you folks, but I know of people that has used the same coffee brewer for the last ten years and their only secret is to clean coffee maker daily after using it.

I know most of you would consider it weird that cleaning a coffee machine would be consider a secret to saving money, the fact is there are many people out there that do not bother with the cleaning (that is the reason why single cup coffee maker is so popular).

But, make no mistake, even with the single cup coffee machine, you would need to wipe and maintain it, so that it would last longer. Check out our coffee course on further problems you would have if the brewer is not well maintained.


Of course, some machines are easier to maintain than others, single serve brewer, french press are some appliances that are very easy to clean. So, if you really loath cleaning, these are the coffee makers you should go for.

Further up the hierarchy in terms of difficult to clean would be drip filter coffee machine, then programmable machine and lastly espresso maker. All these machines would require you to find take out some parts, clean the inside components and generally it is difficult to do it without a instruction book.

Of course, folks that are used to cleaning these machine would not consider it a chore and can probably do it under 10 minutes. But, my advice is avoid these machines if you never like cleaning stuff.

If anything is well maintain, it can last longer. And if it last longer, you would not even need to spend a single cents! Now between spending lesser money and not spending any money, it is obvious which option is better right?

So, while it is a no brainer, something that is very obvious, if you happen to read this, it would provide some cold relief to your clean coffee maker session.


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