Clean a coffee maker with these solutions?

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Clean a coffee maker with vinegar is a thing that we are all familiar with, but if it does not work, are there any other things to use to remove the dirt on the coffee makers?

Seriously, if you are so concern to clean a coffee maker, I am glad. I know that you are different from the many people out there looking for best coffee makers. You have used and are aware that one of the key element to good coffee is the maintenance of the coffee maker.

If this is the first time that you are reading this article, and have not washed your coffee maker before. I think you might want to use straight bleach on the carafe. It works very well with glass carafe. This instantly dissolve any baked on coffee.

Another solution that works well to remove the hardened deposits are solution with denture tablets. All you need to do is to dissolve two denture tablets into one carafe of water and do the process similar to using vinegar.


There are also some folks that swear by citric acid, claiming that it is the best agent in removing the minerals and deposits. Usually, they would use 1 oz of citric acid and dissolve it using 4 cups of hot water and then dilute this solution with another 4 cups of cold water.

Currently, many brands of coffee maker not only comes with how to clean a coffee maker guide, they also come up with their own coffee maker cleaners. These cleaners comes with their instruction and process, and so far feedback has been positive.

Another solution which you might also have heard of its baking soda. This is probably as common as vinegar. What people do is to use 1 part baking soda for every 4 parts of warm water then run it through the coffee maker.

The process to clean a coffee maker is the same regardless you are using vinegar or citric acid. First, you put the filter in your coffee maker as though you are brewing coffee.

Pour the mixture in, like what you would do when pouring water for brewing coffee, turn it on and let it run through.

After this process, discard the filter and let this solution sit for at least 15 minutes then rinse the pot.

This is one cycle, repeat two more cycle with plain water and this whole operation is considered done.

There you have it folks, cleaning your coffee maker with solutions other than vinegar...


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