Is cheap coffee good coffee?

Is cheap coffee good coffee? As you might well have guessed, this is in fact a loaded question.

On the face of it, if you can purchase low priced coffee chances are that it is not necessarily of the finest quality.

This does not preclude obtaining excellent wholesale coffee or making use of a local supermarket’s special on discount coffee.

Usually, the cheapest coffee will be found in a vending machine. Here you can have a cup of hot coffee for usually a quarter. There is usually a range of flavored coffee or even organic coffee on offer.


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As is comes from a vending machine it all classifies as “cheap coffee.” However, there i9s a twist to this story – isn’t there usually?

Some of the “cheapest coffee” can be found in some pretty spectacular locations. Usually you will find a coffee vending machine close at hand in some of the most spectacular locations in the world.

Be it at the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France or at the harbor in Monte Carlo or even a vending machine in the foyer of the Smithsonian in Washington in DC. There are surely a myriad of other locations where you will be able to purchase low pricing coffee from a vending machine. And each and every time, this low cost coffee becomes part of a very special experience.

Whether it is the location or the company you are in or even both, that humble cheap cup of coffee becomes part of a valuable and special experience.

Invariably one will find that in such circumstances the fact that the coffee might have been served in a simple paper or polystyrene cup will be forgotten.

All coffee lovers known that coffee has three parts that make up the whole: taste, aroma and visual appeal. If it tastes satisfactorily and smells good it will add to the experience positively.

All of a sudden the cheap coffee has become a lot better. By the same token, I am sure that good coffee drunken in unpleasant or sad circumstances will not be as “good” as if that same coffee would have been enjoyed in a pleasant setting and surroundings.

The bottom line seems to be that the ambiance, the mood the setting contribute as much to the quality of the coffee experience as does the quality of the coffee beans. It is in this sense that it is quite possible that cheap coffee can be good coffee as well.


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