"Sexy" cappuccino machines are how you described these coffee makers...

Beautiful cappuccino machines are terms you would seldom, if not, never read about in any espresso machine reviews. But, I guess as society evolves, coffee lovers' demand for their coffee makers escalates into the "look and feel".

And it is not difficult to understand this insight, after having tens of thousands on designing your dinning and kitchen area, you have to get one among so many cappuccino machines that fit in the theme of your interior design.

Now, there are many espresso and cappuccino machines that boast of sleek and fine lines to match any contemporary look. However, if you have a retro settings, then only FrancisFrancis! can coffee machines can blend into your design.

These espresso machines comes with a "retro futuristic" design that only fits into a retro setting, it can blend well into a modern "look and feel" as well. Using e.s.e pods**, not only does it looks good, it is extremely easy to use.

**E.S.E pods the short form of easy serving espresso pods are coffee grounds packed inside a coffee disc with paper filter covering. It is convenient to use and produced very consistent results. It do away with all the grinding, dosing and clean up required for a normal brewing of espresso.


Sexy FrancisFrancis X1

Under FrancisFrancis brand of cappuccino machines, are the X1 and X3. Both has a "retro-futuristic" design, with the X1 costing more at approximately $750 retailing price and the X3 costing lower at $499.

Personally, I think the higher pricing for FrancisFrancis X1 might be due to its extremely high quality material used. It comes with a 18 bar pump more than the required 15 bar, ensuring that your espresso extraction would be good.

Then, its full brass boiler ensures water quality while its entire body is powder coated with epoxy finish to really lengthen the lifespan of the coffee maker for decades. The X1 only uses the e.s.e coffee pods, if you are thinking of using coffee grounds, then you have to go for the FrancisFrancis X3.


The "cute" FrancisFrancis X3

While both FrancisFrancis espresso and cappuccino machines look good, X3 is more feasible with its added ability to brew coffee grounds other than e.s.e pods. It still comes with a sleek Italian design and its eye-popping colors.

In short, I am highlighting these espresso/cappuccino machines simply because of their great "look and feel". Maybe it is due to the maker of these coffee machines being Italian,so it is difficult for them to manufacture machines that brew lousy coffee, don't you think so?

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