Is burr grinder coffee better quality?

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Would burr grinder coffee really make you better coffee? If this question is on your mind then you are way passed the best coffee makers stage and are looking for a coffee solution that is exclusively your own.

Why did I link burr grinder coffee with best coffee makers? Well, folks looking for the latter basically still do not know their coffee profile, and are just looking around. But, for the former they are sure about their coffee profile and want is trying to better the overall coffee experience.

And grinding then brewing it brews fresher coffee then whatever sealing techniques that is available commercially. So, grinding your coffee would definitely better the taste of your coffee.

But folks are also aware about the pitfalls of using a coffee grinder. Having uneven and inconsistent grind would lead to either under or over extraction of your coffee grounds. The essence of a good grinder is to provide even and consistent grind and that is the reason why there is the burr grinder.


Before we move on to the burr grinder, another type of grinder available in the market is the blade grinder. They are very low in cost, good for doing coarse grounds but usually do not produce even and consistent ground size.

So, blade grinders are usually used for coffee makers that are not so particular about the even and consistent ground size, for example Toddy Coffee maker.

Reading until here, you would note that blade seems to be inferior to burr, if you are talking solely on the grinding operation, then burr is indeed the better one. But, if you look at it as a whole package, then the price and the size of a blade grinder might be better for some user, so it is really an individual preference.

Then, how does the quality of a blade grinder is compares to burr grinder coffee? The latter is definitely better than the former. Burr grinder because of its unique burr grinding produces even and consistent grind.

Many people have the misunderstanding about inconsistent and coarse grind. A burr grinder can also do coarse grounds, but they do it evenly. That is the reason why, while a blade grinder coffee can be used for a french press, using burr grinder coffee ground would allow you to get a better brew.

Other than the grind size, burr grinder also grinds with lesser heat lose. When heat is generated, coffee grounds starts to lose their flavor. So, a burr grinder can ensure better protection of coffee flavor.

It is just two factors, but these two factors that your burr grinder coffee to produce a better quality coffee...


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