BUnn NHBX-B 3 minute brewing is what attracts me

There are many things that would make the bunn nhbx-b coffee brewer popular, I choose the speed of its brewing as the greatest value add.

This is because I feel that most of us would not want or should wait for a normal coffee to take as much time to brew as an espresso coffee.

Well, lets first take a look at what this bunn nhbx-b has to offer.

First, it consists of a stainless steel water tank that has an internal thermostat, which efficiently heats up water to the ideal brewing temperature and maintains water at that temperature to allow it to brew at a moment’s notice.

Second, it also consists of Bunn’s patented spray head, which not only introduces hot water to the coffee grounds efficiently, but also improves coffee extraction, giving maximum flavor. Then, the NHBX-B is able to brew 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes, which is very impressive for a 10-cup coffee maker. This value add, to me is the most important.

The other features of the NHBX-B include a porcelain-coated warming plate with a lighted on/off switch, an energy-saving vacation switch, the ability to dispense hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and instant soups, and a sliding lid to easily access the water reservoir when filling.

The Bunn NHBX-B is designed to last for years. It may not have other features such as a programmable timer and a pause-and-serve feature, but with a fast brewing time of only 3 minutes, those features are not really needed.

Its simplicity, reliability, and ability to brew 10 great tasting cups of coffee in a very short amount of time make it one of the best home coffee makers.


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