Bunn coffee maker repair, should or should not?

Most of us would do bunn coffee maker repair, because of various reasons, one of them is we are so "used" to using bunn as an appliance.

Over the course of 40 years, Bunn coffee maker brand has provided customers with high quality brewers along with superior service and technical support.

And there is the excellent warranty (3 years) that the company provides for the consumer upon buying an item. So, generally bunn equipment can last for at least a number of years.

Now, being an excellent coffee brewer hundreds and hundreds of coffee would be served and sometimes damage to the device or its parts is just inevitable.

As a user who values savings so much, how would you act on these instances? Would you go for Bunn coffee maker repair or buy a new one?


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For most of us repair is the first option, but you should check if the damage is cover by the policy of warranty. In fact a damage that involves repair on major bunn internal parts are not recommended because it will void the existing warranty.

The problem has to be identified first and refer to the manual for quick fix if it is just a minor glitch. Your user manual also serves as a guide for you to identify areas that you should and should not do to evade the warranty being void.

There are cases however when Bunn repair parts should be secured to fix the damaged part. Though it will cost you some couple of dollars, it will bring back your Bunn coffee maker into full functionality.

That is easy enough, as Bunn coffee maker parts are available in the internet and they are easy to find.

When you have a reliable device at home that served you for years without failure, sometimes sentimental value is attached to it and fixing it when it is broken will be your immediate resolve.

But, if Bunn coffee maker repair are too costly because it requires crucial internal part replacement, would you still go for it? Actually it’s wiser to buy a new one.

Repairing your broken coffee maker could make you spend a lot more than buying new a machine in this instance. If the damage to your device needs a major repair, maybe it’s about time for you to get a Bunn coffee maker replacement.

If you can, get that bunn coffee maker that you are so used to repaired. But, we all know that there is nothing compare to the delicious coffee that a new Bunn coffee maker can give you. For one, it saves you the worry of the old machine malfunctioning again.


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