Bunn coffee maker part that cannot be found?

You would be angry that there is a bunn coffee maker part that cannot be found, especially one that can extend the lifespan of your coffeemaker right?

Usually you will find that the manufacturers of certain appliances will go out of their way to ensure that customers are able to judiciously replace worn parts, or even broken parts, on their appliances and there by lengthen the life span of the appliance.

Bunn coffee makers also subscribes to this philosophy – to a degree. There is a significant range of Bunn coffee maker parts that can be found online which will help in the servicing of a wide range of Bunn o Matic coffee makers.

However, in certain area there are parts that are not available directly to the public.


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This has caused some irritation amongst customers wanting a Bunn coffee maker part which will enable them to repair their Bunn home coffee maker.

Why is Bunn reluctant to make certain parts available? The answer is that those parts that are not made available to the public are usually those that would compromise the safety of the appliance and endanger the well being of the appliance owner if the Bunn coffee maker part was fitted by a non-professional.

Remember; we are not talking about replacing a Bunn coffee pot. The parts that are not available directly to the public are those which are integral to the safety of the appliance and the safety of the appliance’s user.

Is it therefore unreasonable for Bunn not to make these parts available to the general public?

In the light of the nature of these Bunn coffee maker parts I would think not. It would be far more unbecoming and dangerous for a coffee maker manufacturer to permit its clients and customers to endanger themselves.

It would also open the company to litigation action. Some parts will eventually wear from regular use. If a Bunn coffee maker pot begins to show signs of wear after being used consistently for five years, then that is to be expected.

No household appliance can be designed to last forever in the face of regular use. Some parts and components are subject to wear and tear and will, in time, need to be replaced.

It is not a sign of poor quality materials or of inferior workmanship when components such as these need to be replaced after a number of years.

To deem it so is unreasonable. Every appliance which is looked after properly will last for quite some time. No appliance, however, will last forever no matter how hard you try. That is the nature of things.


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