Braun Coffee Maker Company Make the First?

Any product is only as good as the manufacturer behind it and the Braun coffee maker company has proven their understanding of consumer needs as well as the importance of producing high quality products.

The company pioneered the idea of a coffee maker and since the 1960’s- when they first launch coffee makers commercially- coffee as we know it changed forever.

Braun coffee maker company has pledged itself to producing creative solutions that are both original and unique; striving to address consumers’ needs by continuously dishing out progressive designs and features in order to keep up with the times.

It is no wonder that up to this day, Braun remains the leading coffee maker manufacturer enjoying worldwide recognition. It all boils down to the fact that a Braun coffee maker is built to last and will consistently brew a great cup of coffee day after day.

Braun continuous to discover new technologies to give their products the innovative edge while setting high standards for quality that delivers.


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Such innovative breakthroughs are evident in their products like the Tassimo TA1400. Also called Coffee-on-Demand, the Tassimo is a single-serve machine that makes a wide variety of caffeinated drinks using specially designed T-Discs.

From espresso to milk-based latte and cappuccino, to café crema and hot chocolate your preferred drink is served in just a minute one cup at a time without mess, without grounds and without waiting.

Another example of Braun’s innovative genius is the Braun KF600 Impressions. Combining harmonious looks with excellent design features, this coffee maker is in a league of its own.


With 1000 watts of power and using a double walled, stainless steel thermal Braun coffee pot carafe with vacuum insulation, the Braun KF600 gives you a wonderful cup of hot, aromatic and full-flavored coffee quickly and conveniently.

Much more, it is outfitted with smart execution features to make everyday life a little easier such as a pause and serve function and an automatic shut-off for safety and convenience.

A permanent gold-tone filter eliminating the need for paper filters, a water level indicator which is easily visible, a pour and lock lid system keeping all the flavors and heat inside. And a Brita filter that not only removes chlorine from the water but also prevents machine calcification.

With their long history and a passion to be the best and deliver only the best, the Braun coffee maker company has consistently raised the bar for innovative products and continued to deliver consumer satisfaction throughout the years.

Truly, a Braun coffee maker can make each cup of coffee a delicious and blissful experience for everyone day after day as it has done so for many years.


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