Don't buy Braun coffee filter, here is one way to go green

Sure, braun coffee filter is still required for your braun 10 and 12 cups coffeemakers. So, if I am asking you to go green, do I mean not to use braun coffee makers totally?

Nope, my take is that paper braun coffee filter is very wasteful as you need to change one for every brew. Of course, the more coffee you brew, more trees would be chop just to produce these paper coffee filters.



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Then, these paper coffee filters also comes with some "technical issues", or breaking when the water over soaked the paper filter. And this would spoil your coffee.

My recommendation is to go for the 23-karat braun gold coffee filter. Not only would you be saving papers and be more eco-friendly, you are also saving your money in the long run.

The feedback from users of this gold coffee filter is also very positive, many people experienced better coffee versus the usual paper filter, probably due to the materials of the filter.

Since, we are at the filter sections, I should touch a little on the braun water filter as well. I have gotten some feedbacks on why Tassimo requires braun coffee filter if they are single serve coffee makers?

Actually, what the braun products that are used for Tassimo machines are water and not coffee filter. The purpose is to remove the "hardness" in the water. So, hope this clears some queries about the tassimo filter.

There you have it, to go green and also to lower the cost of drinking coffee, for the gold coffee filter rather than the paper ones...

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