Is the Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker That Good?

The Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker KF400 is one of the most popular and widely used coffee makers today. Sadly, the KF400 Aromaster is difficult to find in shops and online stores. Why is it sought after by a lot of people?

For one, the Braun KF400 Aromaster Coffee Maker is a low-cost coffee maker. Being a low-cost coffee maker usually means that there’s going to be a trade-off in quality. However, the Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker seems to find the sweet spot between price and quality.

Basically, it’s a 10 cup coffee maker that makes great coffee. It makes great coffee because it ensures that the coffee grounds are saturated uniformly and rapidly, thanks to its water dispersal system.

It also has the popular pause-and-serve feature, in which you are able to pour a cup mid-brew. The unit tries its best to prevent the coffee from getting bitter while it sits on the warming plate due to the Braun coffee pot being completely sealed.


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Its spout opens up when you’re pouring, and then it closes shut. The lid is also tightly sealed, thus preventing the liquid from evaporating. Its swing out filter basket, flip top water tank lid, and cord storage at the rear allow for easy filling, cleaning, and storage.

As you can see, this Braun Aromaster Coffee Maker makes 10 superb cups of coffee, has very convenient features, while being a low-cost coffee maker at the same time. This is why it’s sought after by a lot of people.

However, this coffee maker isn’t currently available and is hard to find in various shops and online stores. What other coffee makers can we consider as substitutes?

There’s the Braun KF510 AromaDeluxe Coffee Maker. It is a little bit more expensive than the braun Aromaster coffee maker; therefore, you can expect that this coffee maker has more features.

It makes 10 cups just like the Aromaster. It also features the same brewing technology that allows it to make great cups of coffee. It also has the pause-and-serve feature.


However, this Braun Coffee Maker boasts a Brita water filter. The water filter removes any impurities in the water, as well as prevents calcification in the water tank.

This allows the coffee maker to last longer without the need for decalcification. In addition, its filter basket can be removed, making it even easier to clean and fill up with coffee grounds.

If you can spend more, the Braun KF600 Impressions Coffee Maker is also a good choice. It also boasts the same brewing technology of the Aromaster and AromaDeluxe coffee makers. The Braun KF600 also brews for 10 cups.

Like the AromaDeluxe, the filter basket can also be removed; therefore, it’s easier to clean and fill up with coffee grounds. It also has the pause-and-serve feature, allowing you to pour a cup mid-brew.

It also features a Brita water filter that prevents calcification in the water tank, as well as removes any impurities in the water before it is used for brewing.

However, unlike the Aromaster and AromaDeluxe, which use warming plates to keep the coffee warm, the Braun KF600 features a thermal carafe.

The unit shuts off automatically after it has finished brewing, because there is no need for a warming plate to keep the coffee warm. The thermal carafe can keep the coffee hot for up to 4 hours without the need for an external heat source.

Therefore, there is no risk of the coffee getting burnt at all. In addition, it comes with its own gold tone filter, which eliminates any need for disposable paper filters.

Ultimately, even if the KF400 Braun Aromaster coffee maker, a popular and widely used coffee maker, is hard to find in shops and online stores, Braun has other alternatives for those who want to enjoy the benefits of its effective brewing technology in the Braun KF510 AromaDeluxe and the Braun KF600 Impressions.


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