Beware! Are You Really Drinking Blue Mountain Coffee?

Blue mountain coffee comes from a the blue mountain in Jamaica.

This Blue Mountain in Jamaica has a fertile, rich soil and that is a very good place to grow coffee beans.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain has a lower slopes.And it is at this lower slopes where the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is cultivated.

As one of the longest and greatest unbroken mountain ranges in the Caribbean, the Blue Mountains take over the eastern third of Jamaica, while bordering the eastern parishes of St. Andrew, Portland and St. Thomas to the south.

The Jamaican Blue Mountains form a breezing relief from the sizzling heat of Kingston below (do not really if this would add to the better blue mountain coffee, guess so).


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These exclusive condition are what makes the these Coffee famous and well-recognized internationally.

The Coffee from Jamaican Blue Mountain belongs to the categorization of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. blue-mountain-coffee
The most excellent quality of Jamaican Blue Mountain cuppa is distinguished for their lack of unpleasantness and gentle flavor.

Over the last few decades, this Blue Mountain java has developed a reputation that has made it one of the most expensive, singled out and adored coffees in the planet.

Now guess who consumed the most of this coffee? Over eighty percent of Jamaican Coffee is exported to Japan. Cannot imagine that the Japanese loves their coffee so much right?

What you should expect from coffee from Jamaican blue mountain? Actually it is well-known for its rich flavor, extraordinary lack of sourness and sweet taste. Oftentimes, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is measured as the most balanced organic coffee and inclusive cup of coffee.

Combined with its sophisticated taste, the strong aroma adds to its appeal and attraction as the world’s best coffee.

While coffee from Jamaican Blue Mountain is very good in taste, you need to take note of the word blend. This means that the coffee is not pure for the reason that this Coffee is quite expensive.

With that, people blend this Coffee with other types of coffee. Therefore, in a way you would not be really drinking 100% coffee from blue mountain is it is blend with other coffee.

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