Three Popular Black and Decker Coffee Makers

Black and Decker coffee makers are very common and in demand on the market. They have become very popular because of their fascinating characteristics.

They have brought in with them the features that what people are looking for when it comes to coffee makers. I.e. they know their market and customers well.

Before any other thing, let me first introduce with you the Black and Decker Company and how did they start the business.

Black and Decker started when two young businessmen named S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G. Decker established a small machine store or shop in the place of Baltimore, Maryland. They have named the company as Black and Decker Manufacturing Company.

Subsequently, Black and Decker becomes the largest producer of quality products that are used inside and out of the house and for commercial applications also.

There are three very popular Black and Decker coffee makers that the company introduced to the people.


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These three coffee makers are the Black and Decker DCM18 Brew N Go coffeemaker, Black and Decker DCM2500B Smartbreww Coffeemaker, and the Black and Decker SDC740B Spacemaker 12-cup Coffeemaker.

Black and Decker DCM18 Brew N’ Go Coffeemaker

Black and Decker DCM18 coffee maker is a coffee machine that can be used as a personal coffee maker. This coffee machine can brew hot and fresh coffee into a 15 ounce thermal travel mug in a few minutes.

Its permanent coffee filter enables you to avoid any disposals and of course it helps you save money from buying paper filters time after time. DCM18 coffee maker can also heat water for you to use on your tea, hot chocolate, instant noodles, oatmeal, or soups.

Another thing is that, it has an automatic shut-off feature which gives you peace of mind.

Black and Decker DCM2500B Smartbreww Coffeemaker

Black and Decker DCM2500B Smartbreww Coffeemaker is another model of Black and Decker coffee makers. This 12 cup coffee maker has a digital clock.

Its sneak- a- cup feature allows you to get a cup of coffee even in the middle of brewing process. When it come to worrying if you don’t turn off the machine, well this is impossible for this coffee machine because it has an automatic auto-shut off feature.

Black and Decker DCM2500B has a glossy hourglass shape. It comes with a black and white color and is dishwasher safe. Black and Decker SDC740B Spacemaker 12-cup Coffeemaker

To those who are looking for a coffee that is space saver, well the Black and Decker SDC740B Spacemaker 12-cup Coffeemaker is the right one for you.

This 12 cup programmable coffee machine has a perfect pour glass decanter or carafe. It has a removable water reservoir and water-level pointer that is illuminated for ease of monitoring the volume of water.

The brew-pause feature also permits you to sneak out a cup of coffee in the middle of the brewing process.

This coffee machine also has an auto shut-off and a non stick heating plate. Black and Decker SDC740B is very easy to use and has a classic design.

Well, this black and decker coffee makers information is good, but maybe you are looking for something bigger like a 14 cup coffee maker or a different brand coffee machine. Then, you need to check out our homepage for more information.


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