There are Many Versions of the Best Rated Coffee Maker

As you visit various coffee related sites, you might have noticed that they all have different coffee makers being voted as the best rated coffee maker.

At times, it might be the Cuisinart Brew Central, while at other times it might be the Keurig B40 Elite, while at other instances, it might be a DeLonghi coffee maker.

While all these machines are worthy of being top rated coffee makers, this brings us to one very important point.

Different people have different opinions on that the best rated coffee maker should be. Some people may find that a fully programmable 10-cup thermal coffee maker would be the best coffee maker.


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On the other hand, others might find a 10-cup coffee maker too wasteful and excessive, since they only reside in households with only one or two coffee drinkers.

Therefore, they would find that a high quality single cup coffee maker would be the best rated coffee maker. Some folks even find that the best coffee maker should allow them to enjoy not just a great tasting cup of coffee, but a good cup of espresso as well.

Then there are some who believe that the best coffee maker can be found in a very affordable, yet a great value coffee maker that can rival the more expensive machines.

In other words, the term, best coffee maker, is relative in most aspects. While a coffee maker is rated objectively based on its performance, quality, and reliability, there are still so many different kinds of coffee makers in the market that cater to different people, who have different needs.

At the end of the day, everyone has different opinions on which is the best rated coffee maker based on their own tastes and lifestyle.

So how do you choose among the best coffee makers? Instead of following the opinions of other people, you should decide which among the best rated coffee makers would serve your needs best.

First, you should set your budget. How much are you willing to spend for a coffee maker? If you’re on a tight budget, you should take a look at low-cost coffee makers, which are considered as great value machines.

However, if getting an automatic drip coffee maker is not among the top in your list of priorities, then you should consider getting a French Press or press pot.

A press pot is an affordable manual coffee maker that can make a great tasting cup of coffee with relative ease. The taste of coffee brewed from a press pot can even rival, even surpass the taste of coffee made from the most expensive coffee maker.

Second, consider the brewing size that would be ideal for you and your household. If you only live in a household of one or two coffee drinkers, then consider getting a single serve coffee maker.

Although it only brews one cup at a time, the brewing time for both cups combined is still quicker than the brewing time of a multi serve coffee maker.

Finally, take note of the different features of the coffee maker that would fit your lifestyle. For instance, do you grind your own beans but you do not want to own a separate grinder?

Then you should look into getting a mill and brew coffee maker. Do you want to be able to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee?

Then you should get a coffee maker that has a programmable timer. Are you a person on the go, who needs to grab a travel mug of coffee since you don’t have time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the house? Then you should look at the various single serve or dual coffee makers that can brew coffee straight into a travel mug.

Therefore, when choosing among the best coffee makers, make sure you choose the one that can best serve your needs.


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