Best French press by Frieling? 

In the case of Frieling, both criteria are fully met. Their best French press would be their range of stainless steel French press coffee maker.

To define the best French press coffee maker is done by looking for a French press manufacturer whose products fulfil two basic criteria; functionality and style.

They come in a selection of either four, six or eight cup stainless steel coffee maker press. They are stylishly designed and from the exterior do not have the traditional French press look.

In other words the coffee press by Frieling is a tall stainless steel coffee pot that is elegant and stylish and at the same time exudes functionality.

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That is why these coffee presses must be in the running for best French press. The eight cup coffee press is obviously designed to cater for the larger group or a smaller group with a large coffee appetite.

All of the French press coffee makers that are available from Frieling are double walled. This adds to their weight giving them an incredibly solid feel.

More importantly their ability to thermally insulate their contents means that the coffee will stay hot for longer.

However, if one thinks “out of the box” there are other applications as well. Once the mesh filter and lid are removed, the coffee press becomes a double walled stainless steel jug with excellent thermal properties.

It follows that you are able to served iced or chilled drinks and beverages in the same jug and the thermal insulation will keep the contents chilled.

All of a sudden your best coffee press becomes a very elegant and stunning stainless steel drinks presentation jug for a whole new range of purposes and functions.

The elegant styling and design means that you can use the same piece any time and in a variety of functions.

The stainless steel construction means that by definition the coffee press will last a very long time. It might even become a timeless classic and a sought after heirloom.

It looks good and works well. That is the most important factor to bear in mind when considering whether or not the stainless steel French press coffee maker qualifies at the best French press there is.

Together with a Frieling stainless steel sugar bowl and a stainless steel spoon you have access not only to quality goods but an elegant design concept as well. Frieling does quality product, period.

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