Best coffee travel mug is difficult to find, there are so many!

Finding best coffee travel mug is not tough, it is simply impossible! They have so many different functions and style that it is difficult to pinpoint one as the best.

So, instead of highlighting just one best, I am going to showcase 3 that cater to 3 very different lifestyles. While it is not comprehensive, at least this is what we think would fit into most folks' lifestyles. best-coffee-travel-mug

1.The fresh seeker

To this group, their coffee must always be fresh and so their coffee travel mug must be one that is able to accomplished that.

Of course, you cannot get a espresso maker from a travel mug, but if it is coffee making function that you are looking for it is still possible.

With the Bodum Travel press, the fresh seeker can easily french press the next cuppa and enjoy it hours later without fear of it spoiling. This would be the fresh seeker best coffee travel mug.


2.The easy goer

This group usually do not care about their stuff, would leave it lying around, would lose them and their things usually gets pretty hard knocks.

So, to this group of folks, their best coffee mug must be one that is hardy and something that they can afford to lose.

That would be the Copco urban professional travel mug. At a mere $10, its low cost would make sure that the easy goer would not even raise an eyebrow should it get lost.

Although low in cost, it is durable and very spill proof, something this group of folks would appreciate. It even comes with a dent resistant rubber sheath.

Therefore, this would be the best coffee travel mug for this group of folks that likes their mug hardy, and something they need not bother too much with. best-coffee-travel-mug-hot

3.The sipper

It is only an extreme group of folks, a very niche group that would considered this the travel mug that fits their lifestyle. A travel mug already has a thermal function, why would anyone wants to have a warmer on top of that.

Well, not if you are sipping it really slow like 6-8 hours, and seriously you have to take very tiny sips for your coffee to last that long. Anyway, this group of folks would consider a Thermos Nissan travel tumbler as their best travel mug.

Comes with a warmer, this Nissan travel tumbler would be the best coffee travel mug for the sipper that can take hours to enjoy their cuppa.
Now folks, all these are best coffee travel mug to different individuals with different needs, and it is really the tip of the iceberg on the many additional functions for these travel mugs...

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