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Because there is a built in grinder incorporated into the coffee machine, bean to cup coffee machines are as large as typical commercial coffee machines and are intended for light commercial use.

They are often used as office coffee machines, although they can also be used at home.

Three good examples of bean to cup coffee machines are Gaggia Titanium 74889 fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine, Siemens fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine and the Delonghi EAM 3200 bean to cup coffee machine.


Gaggia is one of the best known Italian manufacturer of espresso coffee machines. Their Titanium models are modified and improved versions of their previous bean to cup coffee machines.

The Gaggia Titanium 74889 is a fully automatic bean to cup espresso coffee machine. Unlike Gaggia’s previous models, the Titanium is housed in a metal chassis instead to plastic and it also has brushed stainless steel paneling to give it an elegant and sturdier look.

Moreover, operation of the Titanium is noted to be slightly quieter than previous models. It also features an LCD programmable control and operation is simple with just a few presses of some buttons.

Quantity of coffee can be chosen from three programmable buttons and you can choose to make on or two cups of coffee at the same time because of the dual brew head.

Despite having two boilers though, the Titanium cannot steam and brew coffee simultaneously.

The pre-grinding setting can be programmed to grind the beans for the next cup while the coffee is brewing. It also features a cup warmer, steam nozzle, pump pressure system, a timer and automatic self-rinse for easy cleaning, among others.


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Featured: Office Coffee Machines

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Siemens is a highly recognized name in small appliances industry but it is rare to find a Siemens coffee machine. So it is a surprise that the Siemens bean to cup coffee machine is part of this article.

The Siemens bean to cup coffee machine is surprisingly packed with many features and it also has very good reviews. The coffee maker comes in silver and chrome colors and is housed in durable plastic.

Similar to the Gaggia, the Siemens can be programmed via a few buttons and operation is easy with the LCD infoscreen .

It uses a pump pressure system and has a steam nozzle for foaming milk. Timer feature allows you to set when to start or stop the brewing process thus saving energy.

The Siemens bean to cup coffee maker was first released in 2003. Today, it is very rare to find this model, even on the internet.


Finally, the Delonghi EAM3200 magnifica super automatic is a combination coffee and espresso machine similar to the previous 2 models mentioned.

However, this coffee machine exceeds both the Gaggia and Siemens in terms of variety and distribution. The Delonghi EAM3200 can prepare even more drinks than just espresso or coffee.

It can prepare cappuccino, latte drink and more coffee based drinks giving the user a lot more variety of coffee drinks to choose from.

Moreover, the Delonghi is easily and readily available in stores and on the internet, unlike the Gaggia and Siemens which are both very difficult to find.

The Delonghi EAM3200 has a compact removable boiler which provides even heat distribution so that the coffee is brewed at the ideal temperature in order to extract the maximum flavor of coffee.

The electronic steam and coffee thermostat aids in keeping the temperature at the optimal level. It also comes with a 60 ounce removable water tank and bean container for easy filling.

The water level indicator shows the user when it’s time to refill the water. Its rinse and decalcification auto programs make the unit easy to clean and there is a 3 hour auto shut-off safety feature. The Gaggia and Siemens don’t have an auto shut-off feature, only a timer.

Without a doubt, all three models have their pros and cons. However, because of Delonghi’s better distribution network, most consumers will go for this model since it’s easier to find. 

Featured: Office Coffee Machines

Follow Oncoffeemakers.com's board Office Coffee Machines | Singapore on Pinterest.

Do check out other cool boards such as the one all on how to make coffee and drip coffee.

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