Should you do ABTL for coffee shops in Singapore.

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Doing ABTL for coffee shops in Singapore seems like the right thing to do!

ABTL stands for above the line advertising, and it is meant using media on TV, radio, magazines and newspaper to get your message to your customers.

You pay for the "air time" or the column space. The more prominent your exposure, the more it would cost you.

Advertising in Singapore is at an all time low! You can get 18 spots (10 seconds each) on TV starting form $3000.00.

Today Newspaper advertising space starts from $200.00 and you can get a full page magazine ad only cost you about $1000.00.

Of course, if you want to do ABTL for coffee shops, the widest spectrum is definitely the TV. Here, we would show you why it might not be worth the while.

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You would never get the prime time with packages!

The air time with the most numbers of audiences are the Chinese drama from the 7pm to the 10pm slot. Some of the Chinese drama boast of 900 000 viewers per episode.

And you would only see the big names during these slots.

The folks that get packages are usually shown during the afternoon hours or the late nights. The exposure is of course not as high and not as good.

You do not reaped the full benefits

Let's face it, how many of us actually sit through the commercials waiting for the next slot of the program?

I doubt so. Most of us would be doing other things, i.e. channel surfing.

So, even if you pay for prime time slot, it is unlikely you would get the full benefit. In fact, you would never know how many people actually watch your commercials.

The best that research company can do is provide an estimate for you.

It is very expensive

By the way, if you pay for the TV commercials, they even do the graphic for you!

Although, compared with the stars endorsed and animated big brands commercials, I doubt the static one page graphic would attract many eyeballs.

And if you would to do a traditional commercial, it would set you back by ten of thousands of dollars.

Our recommendation

Use social media. An average person spend at least 10 minutes on facebook everyday. Singapore has about 2 million facebook users.

And instead of spending thousands of dollars on supposedly thousands of impressions on abtl for coffee shops that you cannot track.

We would like to invite you to spend just 300 plus dollars on a package which one of its element would syndicate your discounts, promotions to more than 100 000 impressions per day.

That is the OCM marketing package.

When you joined our package, your discount, promotions or coupons would be listed on facebook page that serves close to 500 000 connections per month!

In addition, we would insert your promotions, discounts and coupons into our contests or quizes that we advertised.

Our advertisement on average reach about 50 000 impressions per day.

How much do you need to pay for all these?

You would be surprised to know it cost less than half a hundred per month!

Learn more about other ways to advertised other than abtl for coffee shops!

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