Single serve coffee machine is not for you if...

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No doubt, everyone is singing praises about the single serve coffee machine, but like all things, there are situation where this single cup coffee maker might not be appropriate or suitable.

In another article, I did say that the power of the single serve coffee machine is also its major drawbacks, which is the ability to do one cup of beverage at a time. This is a known fact, and I would not dwell on it any further.

There is another group of folks which I did highlight that would not take up the single serve coffee maker because it does not add value to their brewing skill. This is the group that is most comfortable using francisfrancis type of espresso maker. They like to learn how to make the perfect espresso and does not like people to prepare good coffee for them.


But, all in, I discover that I actually missed out one group of folks that are in fact the largest group of coffee consumer -instant coffee drinker. The fact is, if there is some folks that do not mind drinking instant coffee and think that the taste is great, single serve coffee solution is not for them.

Here is what I think, there are two groups of people that would drink instant coffee. One group are those that are "forced" to drink it due to circumstances. They are unable to get good coffee easily and they do not like the hassle of brewing coffee, thus they opt for instant coffee.

Now, this is the group of consumers that would likely get the single cup coffee maker. And if you are one of them reading this article, looking for a good coffee maker, here is my recommendation:

But, for the group that can accept the taste of instant coffee and in fact find it tasty, then having any other coffee machine would not add value to them. The cost per serve for instant coffee is lower and the preparation is much simpler than any machine.

And to add to that, this is currently the largest group of coffee drinkers, if you go by the business size of coffee market. Nescafe is still the world largest roaster of coffee and it is not difficult to guess that their single sales contributor is the instant coffee.

So, if the single serve coffee machine companies can convert this group to use their machines -their sales would grow exponentially!


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