Singapore espresso machine should be like this La Pavoni Bar 2

In order to be a Singapore espresso machine, there are some criteria that need to be fulfilled. Easy to use, serves good espresso, easy on the eyes and can achieve cost savings.

And this is exactly what the La Pavoni Bar 2L can achieve.

Why must a espresso machine be good looking in Singapore?

Every item that can be used to market your coffee shop must be used. Most cafe still relies on walk in traffic and there must be an item that pull them into your shop.

Promotions and offers are a dime a dozen, thus a unique looking machine to have consumers asking what does a coffee from this machine taste like are elements that would draw them into your cafe.

Here is how Good Looking she is

Why must the espresso coffee machine be easy to use?

Different from Europe or US where there are abundance of baristas, the cafe and coffee shops in Singapore are staff by students and part-timers.

Thus, a sophisticated coffee machine that a part-timer has difficulty in using, would not dispense good coffee.

La Pavoni Bar 2L is fully automatic, and while it is a manual lever espresso machine, there is a device that keeps the brewing pressure at the same level thus always delivering great coffee.

Why must a Singapore espresso machine does great coffee?

Singapore coffee culture is dominated by cheap coffee known as kopi and coffee shops known as kopitiam.

If the coffee from your cafe is below standard (which is definitely more expensive), consumers have plenty of choices that are much cheaper.

The stable pressure and thermal stability ensures that every cup of coffee is consistent and good quality from the Bar 2L.

Why cost savings is essential in Singapore?

Everything is expensive in Singapore, and commercial utilities are hardly subsidized, thus every time an equipment is in idle, expenses goes up.

La Pavoni BAR 2L with its 4 position switch enables the machine to operate at less power during off peak, thus saving electricity.

Why buy it from


When you buy from other shops, you would get the best delivery services, UPS, FEDEX or DHL. We do not do that.

We get technicians from coffee company that would not only deliver to your cafe or coffee shop but set it up for you.

And we even incorporate simple coffee training to ensure that the quality of coffee is good from the machine installed.

Cost savings

Free from the cost of delivery, installations and even maintenance, this is easily 15-20% savings.

Value added package

Now that, you have a great Singapore espresso machine serving good coffee, the next step would be how to get lots of people in trying it.

That is the reason we added in a 3 month OCM marketing package to assist you in getting your coffee shop off the ground.

A 3 month OCM marketing package cost $1194.00

How much do I need to pay?

A La Pavoni BAR 2L that satisfied all terms as a Singapore espresso machine is retailing at S$6400.00

You get reliable services that is priceless, a 15-20% cost savings with waiver on delivery, installations and maintenance. And a value add marketing package worth S$1194.00.

A unbeatable package for a great espresso machine at only S$6400.00

Something more affordable?

If buying is too high an investment, why not go for rental model first?

We offers La Pavoni Bar 2V for rental at an affordable $6.70 per day!

Learn more about how the rental of espresso machine in Singapore works.

Learn more about La Pavoni Bar 2V.

Technical Specifications of La Pavoni Bar 2 L

Voltage: 230
Element Wattage: 4370
Boiler Size: 14 liters
Width: 31"
Depth: 22"
Height: 22"

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