Freshness burger make junk food healthy

Freshness burger is one those shop that make you want to check it out to prove it wrong. It prompts you to go to their outlet, eat their burger, and say "come on, isn't it the same as McDonald or Burger King.

But, we know that after you tried their burger, you would likely be their fan (because how often can you goggle junk food and yet be not guilty of being unhealthy.

This is not because it is fresh. It is because it is healthy and tasty. How often can you find healthy food that is tasty as well.

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Why go to freshness burger?

We all know that shops touting healthy food is a dime a dozen, so why go to this burger shop. Here some reasons:

1. Don't you want to know how a pumpkin burger bun taste like?

2. You probably would be interested to taste safe aussie beef patties

3. How about fries that are made from potato grown in Hokkaido farms?

There are many other such reasons for you to check out this burger joint, organic coffee, organic tea, and so on.

organic genre of food is not new, but doing it on a burger is interesting. Of course, some of the burgers are so innovative that we have to recommend it.

One such example is the toufu burger. How one can use a toufu to make a burger is really amazing.

They have a few outlets in Singapore, but check out the one at 2 Tampines Central 5 in Century Square, where it is usually not that crowded.


When is the best time to go there?

Anytime. If you would to check out the Tampines outlet, most of the time, you should be able to find a place. Weekends would be crowded, otherwise you can go anytime to enjoy the burger.

We know that including a burger joint into a series that showcase unique coffee places is out of place. But, freshness burger to us, is unique and though not strictly a coffee place, sells organic coffee too.

we welcome any feedback or sharing on other unique coffee places, please follow the link and share it with us.

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