Coffee pod single cup maker from Grindmaster gives the best cuppa!


Coffee pod single cup maker belongs to the largest of the single serve coffee market. coffee pods represents 60% of the single serve market, so pods are the more popular choice.

Now, if you are choosing a pod coffee maker, you probably know that they are easy to use and has a wider range available. The K-cup while having a good range, can only be used on Keurig, similar, the T-disc can only be used for Tassimo.

If we are looking for a pod single serve, which one should be go for? Well, Senseo which is currently the market leader in Single serve market, holds 40% of the market share. And they belongs to the pod coffee maker family, so, going for the most popular brand, you should be taking the Senseo.

However, I am always interested in a solution that can mitigate the drawbacks of a single serve, the closed system of pods to coffee maker. Here, my recommendation is on one coffee pod single cup maker that has the ability to use most coffee pods.

It is the Grindmaster G-pod brewer. Being a non-propriety brewer, they are obliged to use any one brand of pods. And their commercial infusion technology, ensures that the coffee pods dispense the same brew that their exclusive brewer does.

Of course, it is the Easypod Brew basket, their patented technology that really makes me rave about this single serve coffee maker.

Imagine, the option to choose from Melitta, Douwe Egberts or Timothy's. The ability to choose makes this coffee pod single cup maker, similar to a traditional coffee maker, where we would choose the coffee, purchase it then use it...

Now, the question in your mind might goes like this: all the single serve coffee maker has some patented technology and their pods are customized to that technology, would G-pod brewer really be able to replicate?

This problem is really mitigated by the digital Brew control strength control, where you input the strength into the coffee maker, and the commercial infusion technology takes care of the rest, ensuring that you have the perfect cuppa.

It is not really sleek looking and not heavily marketed. But if you are trying out coffee pod single cup maker, and trying to determine the coffee taste that you would like, then the Grindmaster G-pod is the solution for you.

Oh, why do I say Grindmaster G-pod gives the best cuppa. Well, this coffee pod single cup maker gives you the option to choose any pods, and you would definitely like one of the coffee. So, your choice coffee, would be the best coffee, right?:)

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