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The festive season is here, and many people are quick to join the queue. With places packed with queues, some consumers may find it a chore; and choose to just buy from places that does not require such a long queuing time. What if we told you, there’s a quick and simple way to avoid queues?

Last week, we got to chat with Kester Poh and Mathew Low from AiChat, as they told us about the various uses of their new technology that is taking the China market by storm. 

One of the many uses for AiChat is that it communicates through artificial intelligence in a conversational manner, as Poh explains, “AI (Artificial Intelligence) is something like a human brain, and is based on all the data and knowledge that it has learnt, and train a computer to do the same with the date and knowledge.” While Low adds in that it is a “digital mirroring of human intelligence, and due to the huge database; knowledge pockets are required” Low adds on. 

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Drawing an example of how this new technology can be used in the Food & Beverage industry, is the increase in work efficiency. One of the many things the chatbot can add resturants, is the use of prebooking. As Poh explains, this would allow restaurants “to better manage customers and orders, so that they can prepare and cook in advance and predict how much ingredients to import from japanned improve whole productivity of the restaurant”. 

Through this chatbot, consumers are also able to find out where are the best restaurants of varied cuisine available to them in their vicinity. This offers consumers a great ease of convienece as everything is done within the chatbot. As Poh explains, “People can go onto the OnCoffeeMakers Facebook page and ask the chatbot for the best ramen restaurant, then the bot would suggest based on reviews, and suggest signature dishes and how to get there”.

On Feb 21st, AiChat will be holding a introductory course held at iBosses Institute. Interested parties can come down, to better understand the uses, and experience the designing of a chatbot.

Interested parties can sign up for the course through this link: 

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