Espresso machine suppliers' popularity might find you that good single serve coffee maker!

Which espresso machine suppliers for the single serve is the most popular? Knowing that, might assist you to make the choice of which single serve to get, however, in my opinion, it is better to get an open rather than a closed system and currently, there are not many around.

Since the late 90's, espresso machine suppliers that used to produce bulk, gourmet espresso machines, have begin to produce more home friendly single serve coffee makers for home users.


In fact, for 2006, out of the 27 million coffee brewers sold in US, more than 1 million are single serve coffee makers. A considerable market share of 4%, considering the established nature of most companies and the strong advertising done on most coffee makers.

And this is the trend that market watchers are predicting, that not only would espresso machine suppliers develop more sophisticated one cup coffee machine but they would be 25% of the US market in 5 years time.

Okay, this is a trend for coffee drinking and aren't you glad to part of this revolution. So, who is the market leader, so that you can maybe consider getting its product?

This would perhaps be the best example of the 80-20 rule, 4 single cup espresso machine suppliers account for more than 85% of the single serve coffee market.

They are Senseo (market leader), followed by Tassimo, then Keurig and lastly Melitta. The top 4 brands that has 85% of this market. My observation is that regardless of the machine, the taste of coffee still rules.


Senseo is probably the biggest due to its pods which carries, what else but the centuries old Douwe Egberts. A very fine coffee, that consumers can have it with a press of their Philips machine.

Tassimo ability to "make" the beverage should be the reason that award her the second in market. Imagine, depending on the T-disc that you are inserting, Tassimo "reads" it and then adjust the brewer accordingly to dispense espresso, hot chocolate, cappuccino etc.

Keurig would probably have the most number of variety among all the companies highlighted here and it is this that wins her the consumers.

Melitta, has been refining their roasting techniques for years and definitely are one of the better ones around. However, I guess another factor that got her the market share would be its lower priced pods. In fact, Melitta pods are the lowest among all the espresso machine suppliers listed in this article.

The others, while not having large market share are also familiar names, they are Krups, Grindmaster, Bunn, Black and Decker, Mr Coffee, Nespresso and Simplehuman.

All the companies has a machine that are popular with the consumers. However, if the most popular espresso machine suppliers can be used as a benchmark for a good single serve coffee maker, then you would probably know which is the one to purchase right?:)

Not enough? Still wanna know more about coffee makers, maybe even grinders, roasters etc...

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