The easiest coffee machine in Singapore!


The easiest coffee machine in Singapore only requires three simple steps to operate -and that is Flavia coffee machine from Mars Inc.

This coffee machine only requires you to choose a drink, insert the drink (comes in a format known as Fresh Pack), then press a button to enjoy the coffee.

Ease compared to table top vending machine

Some offices that are familiar with table top vending machine knows that these machines only requires the press of a button.

So, it is simpler. Hardly.

The cleaning and the maintenance of the machine is tedious. For flavia, you only need to dispose the Fresh pack, no cleaning required.

Of course, the quality from a Flavia Coffee Machine that offers ground coffee is much better than freeze dried coffee from the table top vending coffee machine.

This video highlights how easy it is to use this machine

Quality compared to Espresso machine

Flavia machine is much simpler than an espresso machine, but how is the quality of the coffee.

We would say it is comparable. The coffee grounds are hemetically sealed to ensure that there is no loss of flavor.

Thus, in a way, it is similar to coffee beans that are freshly ground.

How to get this coffee machine in Singapore?

Manfield technology is currently running an offer via our site for selected companies to try this easiest coffee machine in Singapore for a special price -$0.50/cup!

Check out the link for more details and fill in the form for more information.

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