Free Coffee Printing | Five Star Chicken Rice | Singapore

Have you ever heard of coffee printing? Over one weekend at Five Star Chicken Rice Singapore, they were carrying free coffee printing for their consumers and also passersby.

During this rather unique restaurant marketing idea, the establishment employed the use of a high end fully automatic coffee machine at a strategic location right at the entrance of their Katong outlet, where it was visible to the public walking past.

The coffee machine in use was of a particular category of the coffee machine, which can produce micro-foam, an extremely fine foam that is produced through high-pressure aeration of cold milk, before being warmed to match the temperature of the coffee.

After this cup of coffee is produced, it is put through a proprietary coffee printer called the Ripple Maker, which uses coffee extract as a printing agent, and prints a design directly onto the surface of the cup. Via the Ripple Maker app, you can even print an actual photo sent from your mobile device. 

By giving out a free coffee, and also the free coffee printing, the establishment was able to execute this unique restaurant marketing idea and engage numerous customers who were present.

The objective was to promote the fact that this traditional restaurant serving Asian cuisine (chicken rice) was actually serving gourmet coffee. Many customers who were dining there, were able to sample the coffee which they may not have known existed in this establishment’s menu. Having such on-site engagement can be considered a useful offline marketing idea for restaurants.

During this free coffee print event, the coffee printing came through an F&B ingredient sponsor who was willing to work with the establishment to help promote the free coffee.

There was also another F&B ingredient sponsor who collaborated to sponsor the milk used as part of this on-site engagement. In such a situation, through effective collaboration, multiple brands are usually able to mutually benefit through expanded consumer outreach, better brand awareness, and defrayment of costs.

If each brand had chosen to carry out an event individually, they would each have incurred separate set up costs, and would not have been able to leverage on each other’s existing network and community.

However, while this modern restaurant marketing arrangement is unique and beneficial, it is usually difficult for various stakeholders to be aligned on such an endeavour. As such, this arrangement is usually conceptualised, and managed by an F&B consultancy specialising in partnerships and collaborations. 

If you enjoyed this restaurant marketing strategy and wish to conceptualise and execute one for your own restaurant, click here to find out more about F&B consultancy services, video production, content production, and Instagram marketing. 

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