How to use a french press

Here is a couple of steps on how to use a french press:

1. Choose coffee grounds that are not finely grind. This is because the filter of the Press Press’s filter.

2. Remove the top cover and the filter of the coffee maker.
3. Put the coffee grounds inside.

4. Pour in hot water or cold water if you prefer.

5. Stir the solution with a wood or plastic spoon.

6. Place the cover and the filter back in their original place.

7. Let the coffee maker brew the coffee for up to four minutes.

8. Repeat to stir the coffee and then gently press the plunger.

9. You have to wait for 30 seconds for the coffee grounds to settle down.

10. Pour the coffee directly into your cup and try to wait for a while before drinking it.

After learning how to use a french press, do check out our homepage for more information on french press and other coffee makers.


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