Better French Press extraction with 1 simple step!


French press is one of the easiest coffee making device around. All you need is the plunger, coffee grounds and hot water. Brewing a good cup of coffee cannot be any more easier than that.

While many people have turned to electronic appliances for their coffee brewing solution, the appeal of this French press remains.

If even big players like Starbucks are coming out with a travel press pot, you would know that this plunger market still has some appeal.

It is very easy to make coffee using the press, however, how good the coffee turns out depends on observing one very simple rule, that would be the third steps highlighted below:

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Step 1: The type of coffee

You can use any blend and any type of coffee, although many folks highlighted that this "plunger" way brews full city very well. So, you might like to experiment with Sumatra beans or Tazania peaberry.

Regardless, of the beans and blend, the important thing to note about using the French press are the grind sizes. It must be coarse so that the filter can seperate the grounds from the coffee when it "presses".

Step 2: The Ingredients

Obviously, you need coffee and water. While there are tons of theory out there on how much grounds you should use.

The rule of thumb is 2 LEVEL teaspoon of coffee grounds to 6 ounces of hot water.

Obviously, water like everything affects the quality of the brew. Using soft and hard water would affect the taste of your coffee. However, the more thing to note is the temperature of the water.

Many folks, pour boiling water from the kettle directly into the French Press. And that is a terrible mistake, as boiling water tends to burn the coffee ground and produce a bitter taste.

So, let the water cool for at least 2 minutes for the temperature to drop till 95 degrees Celsius before pouring it into the "plunger".

Step 3: The wait

This is the simple step that would determine how your "press pot" coffee taste like. It is simple, as all you have to do is nothing.

Many reported "so-so" coffee from French press, and it is not as much about the coffee or the others but rather the action of the press. Many folks, press immediately once water is added.

While many knows about the importance of "steeping" the cofee, they have the thinking that the coffee ground would still steep after it is press. And that is where they are wrong.

The coffee ground would "steep' best prior to the pressing. So, for excellent quality coffee, after hot water is poured in, let it "steep" for between 3-4 minutes then press.

Step 4: Enjoy it

Once the coffee is "steep" for 3-4 minutes, press down the mesh and separate the coffee grounds from the coffee.

Pour it out and enjoy. While it is different from espresso, properly brew from the French press , this is a coffee that is aromatic and enjoyable!

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