How free coffee samples can be send to you for 6 months?

Free coffee samples are usually enough for 1 or if they are nice enough 2 weeks consumption. So, you must be wondering what tricks do I have that can get them to deliver free coffee to you for 6 months.

First, to qualify for this 6 months, coffee suppliers must see you as a big customer. Yes, you probably would not get 6 months free coffee samples for home consumption. Then again, you spend most of your time in office, and this is where you would get your free coffee.

Now, although I wrote in the header that I can assist you to get free coffee for 6 months, do think big and plan how to get free coffee in your office perpetually. And this is to persuade your management to have a pantry corner with THEM paying for it.

Highlight how this would improves motivation, productivity etc and if you are passionate enough, you would get the free coffee. This would also be your platform to get your 6 months free coffee samples.

And, no only would you be getting some free coffee, it would comes with the coffee makers or espresso machines as these machines are usually are free on loan to companies that uses the coffee.


Step 1. The Pantry Project

As the free coffee samples would be send by the coffee suppliers, they need a reason to send you the samples. And that reason would be your company desire to have a pantry corner.

To start everything, you need to convince management on the merits of a pantry corner, and highlight to them how you would use 6 months free coffee to show them how it improves motivation. Being free, they would usually approve.

To remember to get a survey before and after the free coffee, to show the management how a pantry does improves motivation.

Step 2. Getting the quotation

Now that you have management approval on the pantry project, you would proceed to call for quotation. The terms would be 1 month trial and validity of 3 months. So, all you need is 6 different companies to have free coffee samples for 6 months.

Step 3. The rotation

In fact, because you are putting the quotation validity to be 3 months, you might not even need to have 6 suppliers. Moreover, this is a time where you need to assess the service and taste of the supplier for your long time supply.

If you find that certain supplier is good, ask for another month free coffee samples -they would usually cater to it.

One point to get management approval is to always serve the coffee brew fresh to management on all their meetings. Brew the right coffee for the individuals.

Step 4. Free coffee

After the 6 months, remember to take a survey with mechanic that points out the merit of having a pantry solution in your office. The survey would definitely be in your favor and after enjoying good coffee for 6 months, your management would also find it hard to go without it.

So, chances are they would approve the project and you should be getting free coffee perpetually.

Then, which coffee makers is good for your office?


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