FAQ on OCM Marketing Package (Frequently Asked Questions)

You are reading FAQ on OCM Marketing Package because you have a coffee shop and wanted to improves its marketing.

If you are thinking whether you should do the latter, then go read the SAQ first.

SAQ meant should asked questions, if you runs a cafe and coffee shop, then it is crucial that you know about these "should asked questions.

Now, back to the FAQ, it is all about the product OCM marketing package and what you would get once you sign up with us.

1. How to Sign up?

You can sign up using paypal or credit card on any of the subscription page button that is similar to the one below.

Read more about OCM marketing package here.

2. How do you count 1 month?

From the date that you sign up to the same date on the following month.

For example if you sign up on the 12 January, one month would be until the 11 February, you would be charged a new month starting on 12 February.

3. Signing up process

Once you press the subscription button, it would bring you into paypal secure site, there you can decide whether you want to pay by credit card or paypal.

There are no additional charges other than what is being reflected.

4. It is secure

Paypal handles millions of transaction and is owned by Ebay that uses it to handles all its auctions, so it is the most secure form of payment online.

5. What would happened after I sign up

You would be brought to a page to start your first dedicated page on oncoffeemakers.com.

Then, you would be followed up by one of our staff to create your coupons, posters, videos and printing (more about it below).

Your marketing starts the minute you sign up.

6. What if I don't like it after a month

You can inform us to stop the subscription or you can stop the payment through paypal.

7. What do I get with the package

You can read more about it in OCM marketing package

Video on the OCM Marketing Package

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