KRUPS XP5220 Precise Tamp Pump, I don't recommend it.

by hannah

This Krups coffee machine is not good enough for me!

The Krups XP5220 coffee maker is designed with a 15 bar pump espresso pump machine with quick heating using 1400 watts to run.

The Krups XP5220 makes your coffee just fine and brewing coffee simple. Its features are very complicated and the buttons doesn’t respond well as you press it.

The Krups XP5220 brews coffee very deliciously and quick and it heats up pretty fast after use so you might be wondering why do I say it is not good?

Well, as for me it is very tiring and hard to use it. Sometimes when you start brewing coffee pressing button brew; it won’t start yet until you mess with it to get it started.

The knob selection of brewing or frothing is hard to get familiar with as well. The serving tray on it always drips the coffee cup as well and no matter how carefully I do it, the brewing could be very messy as well.

You might find yourself cleaning more than brewing which is simply what you look for on the product.

The disappointment here is the not responsive buttons on it. It is just hard to brew your coffee.

The most crucial part is the when it heats up so much that it shuts down with out completing the task. I think this company is probably making low quality products.

The Krups XP5220 is something that I can’t consider and I don’t recommend this anyone!

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