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Schaerer Coffee Club

Schaerer Coffee Club

About the Coffee Machine Supplier:

This coffee machine supplier is an ISO 22000 and Halal certified coffee roaster that has been in operation since 1997. They serve as a one stop solution provider for office coffee and F&B needs. Apart from coffee, they also supply supporting products such as instant powder mixes, blenders, and cold brew apparatus. Unlike many other coffee machine suppliers, they have 200gm packaging for the coffee beans.

Where is this Coffee Machine Supplier Located:
This coffee machine supplier is located in Senoko, Singapore, which is the northern part of Singapore.

Does this Coffee Machine Supplier sell coffee beans?
Yes. This coffee machine supplier sells coffee beans. They do their own coffee roasting in their manufacturing facility in Singapore. They carry coffee blends and single varietals of varying coffee quality to suit different budgets. Gourmet coffee beans and specialty coffee beans are available for purchase and order. Coffee beans available include Ethiopian Geisha, Brazil Formosa, Myanmar Arabica, Colombia Excelso, and many others.

What Espresso Machines do this Coffee Machine Supplier carry?
This coffee machine supplier carries brands such as Schaerer, Bravilor Bonamat, Nuova Simonelli, La Scala, Reneka, among others. Most of their machines are bean to cup coffee machines (also known as fully automatic coffee machines) which are suitable to be used as office coffee machines. They also offer coffee brewers, coffee equipment accessories, and commercial grade semi automatic espresso machines.

Automatic Coffee Machines (For Office):
Schaerer Coffee Art Plus
Schaerer Coffee Art
Schaerer Coffee Soul
Schaerer Coffee Prime
Schaerer Coffee Club
Schaerer Coffee Joy
Bravilor Sego
Nuova Simonelli Prontobar

Commercial Espresso Machines (For F&B):
Reneka High Cup
La Scala Butterfly
Schaerer Barista

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