Would you pay S$40 000 for healthier food?

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

A Burger King Outlet

A Burger King Outlet

Well, Croydon University in London just did that. NHS trust paid equivalent of S$40 000 to terminate a contract with Burger King.

The hospital is being accused of being a hypocrite because they are earning from Burger King when Uk obesity is on the rise.

They have since replaced it with Costa Coffee.

My question is, it is worth spending tax payers money of S$40 000 to "look better'? And if this whole healthy thing worth the money spend?

If people want to eat Burger King, it is really so hard to find an outlet?

Burger King is running a business, they are offering a food that if you find it not to your nutritional standard, you can opt to avoid.

So, why is there a need to get Burger King out of the hospital, and incurs such a hefty amount of money, moreover that is tax payers' money.

My $0.02

I think that healthy living has become a brand, an important part of an equation to get more business. If you do not have it, you would lose business.

In Singapore, everyone strives to get the healthier choice symbols, and if you have this symbol, you would gain access into civil service institutions.

In fact, primary schools would not allow you products if you do not have the healthier choice logo.

But, the thing is I saw syrup drinks getting endorsed with healthier choice logo and they are happily selling it to the students.

The evaluation for this healthier choice logo lies in the brix level (some sugar measuring unit) and if you meet the standard, you would have the logo.

So, does that mean the sugar syrup is healthier?

Anyway, even if the kids do not eat fried chickens, or sugar water in schools, can you guarantee that they would not do it outside?

This healthier choice logo have alot of publicity, alot of exposure and an army of people working behind it.

That means, it costs money. Whose money? Tax payers' money.

Which brings me to the question again of "It is worth doing all these?". Shouldn't the public decide what is best for themselves.

The authority should educate how to eat healthier, but ultimately leave it to their folks to decide, it is their choice.

I do not see the need to spend huge amount of money just to teach people to take care of their health.

And I certainly do not agree that the authority should "punish" F&B outlets because they are selling food that we have been eating for ages.

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My $0.02
by: Jaime

Well....healthier choice foods are not mandatory for purchase right? Praise the efforts at least. The same way you believe that the hospital shouldn't spend tax payers' money on terminating that contract, the hospital believes that it will salvage their image as a reputable hospital. People are pragmatic, like you and I.

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