Would appearance change a consumer buying behavior?

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Fres-co BJ coffee Packaging

Fres-co BJ coffee Packaging

Fres-co system USA Inc recently did a new packaging for BJ's wholesale club. They change the Berkley & Jensen can coffee to a flexible Fres bag.

They feedback that this would be better the pick up rate, citing the negative connotation consumers have with regards to Can coffee (less fresh).

In addition, Fres-co system highlight that their Fres bag with great graphics would better the chances of consumers picking up the bag.

It is true?

Would you as a consumer be affected because the packaging looks better?

I know a lot of folks in my country Singapore are obsessed with the packaging. But, they are interested in the copy rather than the graphics.

They are reading the NIP (nutrition information panel) and because of the movement by a local government organization Health Promotion Board, they are looking for endorsement such as this.

So, in Singapore, if you do not have these logos, you would probably be pick up less frequently. But, a more attractive packaging for better sales, not too sure about that.

My $0.02

The fact is packaging would definitely attract people to the product and maybe take a look at it. But, the crowd that it attracts might not be the correct segment.

Fres-bag main value add is of course fresh coffee, but better and sharper graphics and packaging usually attracts the younger generation and they might not be the targeted audiences.

Now, I might be wrong. But, folks that are draw to Fresh coffee are folks that are probably be in the late thirties and above.

They buy things that they are used to. So, with a new packaging, they might not be "able to find" the can coffee that they loves to drink.

I have seen examples such as this when companies change their packaging.

In addition, if there are price adjustment (which is usually the case), consumers would link it to the change in graphics and simply switch to another brands.

So, yes, better graphics would attract eyeballs, but in my opinion it is unlikely to change buying behavior.

If I want to buy a fresh coffee from BJ, that is what I want to buy.

Other communication channels has to be done prior to that to impact the buying decision.

Coffee decision process is longer than say buying a bar of soap. I doubt that there are many folks that change their morning cuppa habit simply because the packaging looks better.

Do you agree?

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