With this, you would never leave Starbucks...

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Starbucks Mobile apps

Starbucks Mobile apps

These few years, Starbucks have been trying to get nearer to its customers. Think about it, having an outlet is too far from the customers.

So, it started Via and immediately it can enter into hundreds and thousands of homes. They are doing so well, that they went ahead to partner with keurig (GMCR) hoping that all Keurig owner would have a Starbucks K-cups too.

They just launched their k-cups last week, personally I believe it would be a blast.

Starbucks is now nearer to its customers. They have entered into the homes of these customers and they might just expand their customer base (think about those Keurig owners that don't drink Starbucks!).

But, the launch of the mobile apps really upped the ante. It is one thing to enter into the homes of your customers, but to make your customers stay in your cafe for 8 hours or more, that is really brillant!

The mobile apps that they have just rolled up in Canada, automatically convert all Starbucks reward card holder into the green level, where they enjoyed benefits such as free birthday beverages, free refull, free tall drink of choice with purchase of coffee and etc.

Of course, they allow you to be promoted to the Gold level. You only need to visit 30 times a year to get that promotion. This is really neat.

Assuming a customer
spend $5 per visit, without any advertising money, they earn additional $150.00. In Canada, 1 million reward cards holder are automatically move to the green level. That is potentially alot of money to be earned!

Other than the level, the apps allow you to reload your Starbucks card account, find nearby Starbucks outlet, check reward status, access nutrition information, scan QR code to join contest and promotions.

And of course, share Starbucks news on Facebook and Twitter.

This is THE STARBUCKS EXPERIENCE. With this mobile apps, you never leave Starbucks, it is in your mobile, which is with you for at least 8 hours a day.

My $0.02.

Starbucks is indeed one of the fastest moving company when it comes to marketing. Rather than drawing consumers, pulling consumers to their outlets.

They are now pushing their outlets to the consumers. With the apps loaded, with rewards to be claim, level to be reached, people sharing about it, Starbucks is closing the gap between the customers and their outlets.

Theoretically, if people are looking for a coffee, Starbucks is the first to come to their mind.

Now, Starbucks might not be the F&B chain with the most outlets (Subway holds this title) or it might not boast of the best coffee loyalty (Surprisingly, consumers are most loyal to McCafe), but with this mobile apps, it might just have the most number of customers!

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