Why learn? Do a latte art instantly with help from "them"!

by chee Leng (on coffee makers)

Latte Art By me!

Latte Art By me!

You have to admit that the latte art that I have done is quite good. Only thing is, I have done it with alot of help from Dolce Gusto!

This is an app done by Marcus Thomas to market Dolce Gusto digitally in US. Together with a sweepstake, a scramble game and aggressive PPC campagin, Nestle is launching its Dolce Gusto.

This is the first marketing campaign from a major brand before summer and I believe a lot more is set to follow.

This time round, Nestle choose to focus on the digital media, and they are not wrong in doing that. Keurig, the market leader of Single serve coffee maker is US gather a lot of momentum due to their website (voted number one shopping site in 2010).

The facebook page of Dolce Gusto focuses on interaction and getting people to share the good time (word of mouth marketing).

Dolce Gusto market itself strongly with recipe and chefs in Europe, and it seems to target the younger crowd with its apps and sweeptakes in US.

It might be just taking the right move, with reports after reports stating that the coffee drinking crowd is getting younger.

The money seems to be with the younger crowd. In addition, the younger crowd are less snobbish about their coffee.

**Coffee snobs are folks that look down on anything that brew with a baristas handling a semi-automatic espresso machine.

MY $0.02.

You can say that this is the start of the summer marketing campaign. After this, I forsee that they should be a few other minor launches before the much anticipated Starbucks and Keurig launch.

Starbucks and Keurig stated that they would roll out their product offering in summer-spring time, so it should be June to July that the machines and k-cups would hit the stores.

Knowing Starbucks, it would be massive launch. And doing a launch now to promote their Dolce Gusto, would ensure that Nescafe voices does not get press down with the clamoring of Starbucks and Keurig marketing machine.

Oh, in case, you are still wondering what is the link to do the "latte art", here it is and have fun!

Nescafe latte yourself

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